Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic modalities are often used to compound the positive effects of your overall treatment program. Modalities, like most Physical Therapy interventions, are used to help strengthen, relax, improve circulation, reduce swelling, reduce pain, and to make you feel better in general. Which modality you and your Physical Therapist choose will be specific to your current condition, needs, and goals.

At Southern Physical Therapy Clinic we have a variety of modalities to choose from including; electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat and thermotherapy, cold and cryotherapy, iontophoresis, phonophoresis, traction, dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy, laser therapy, paraffin bath, kinesiology taping, and more. Our rehabilitation experts consult with you on each and every visit to discuss which modality may be right for you.

Our modalities are applied in a safe, ethical, and patient-centered manner with the goal of maximizing positive outcomes and minimizing the risk of injury. Ask us more about which modality you are interested in and we can discuss how to best implement them into your Physical Therapy program.


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