Occupational Therapist

Are you an Occupational Therapist grappling with burnout and yearning for support in honing your skills? Is your quest for professional excellence closely tied to a fun, balanced personal life? We are here for you.

Southern Physical Therapy Clinic seeks an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist to amplify our therapy family’s brilliance. We value a zest for personal and professional development, rooting for a candidate who thrives in our team’s culture. Our vision aligns with someone eager to make a significant, positive dent in the community we hold dear, understanding that the strength of our team culture will dictate this impact’s magnitude.

The position is outpatient, catering primarily to general orthopedic, post-operative, and some neurological patients. While we anticipate the therapist’s openness to treating all patient types, you will not navigate this journey alone. Our devoted marketing team will collaborate with you to build a demographic caseload that you find most appealing, assisting you in establishing a credible community presence.

Take the first step towards reigniting your passion, defeating burnout, and finding the work-life balance you deserve. Connect with us. Together, let’s change lives.

Why Are We a Family, Not Just a Clinic?

As part of our family at Southern Physical Therapy Clinic, we aim to fill each day with warmth, purpose, and joy. Here’s how we take care of our family:

  • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits recognize your hard work and value
  • A student loan repayment program, easing your financial burden
  • Thoughtful mentorship programs for all staff and new graduates, creating an environment that nurtures growth
  • An employee bonus program celebrating your dedication and efforts
  • Leadership roles, clinical directorships, and partnership programs to pave your path to career advancement
  • A clinical instructor program for those keen to inspire future therapists
  • Paid weekly team meetings and monthly “Therapy Day” gatherings infuse your work routine with fun and camaraderie
  • Schedule flexibility and mandated time off, upholding your work-life balance
  • A supportive relocation assistance program for a seamless transition
  • Opportunities to bring your innovative ideas to life with our program development initiatives
  • Travel pay and flexible schedules for those with long commutes acknowledge the value of your time
  • A loving work family that welcomes you with open arms each day makes work feel like coming home.

We seek an Occupational Therapist eager to make a significant difference in patients' lives, the PT industry, and personal development. We’d love to have you if you find delight in your profession, live an active lifestyle, and want to improve your skills.

At Southern Physical Therapy Clinic, we offer more than just a job. We provide a home for your passion, a catapult for your aspirations, and a family that cares about your satisfaction. Join us on our journey of healing, growth, and love.

What Sets Our Company Apart?

One of our fundamental principles is a belief in, “People First” We believe in, not only investing in our patients but also being intentional about investing in every member of our team. Investing in our people is what allows us to fulfill our purpose, and ultimately, create a bigger impact.

This patient-centric and staff-focused ethos is the compass that guides our journey, driving us toward meaningful and lasting transformations.

Though unconventional, our friendly and supportive work environment aims to ignite professional growth and spotlight the extraordinary potential within each team member. If you see a reflection of your aspirations in our principles and stand ready to use your skills in a meaningful context, we invite you to respond to this ad with "Ready for a meaningful journey." Together, we can embark on this incredible chapter.

Explore our close-knit community through our Facebook pages: 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries or need further information. Adam is available for a comprehensive discussion at your convenience.

Contact Adam at 601-569-4492. We value your interest and look forward to engaging in a meaningful conversation with you.

If you’re resolved and envision yourself becoming an integral part of our family, don’t hesitate. Reach out and say, “I want to become a part of your family.” Your message will mark the beginning of a potentially transformative journey.

If you believe you’d be a good fit for our team of dedicated and compassionate therapists, technicians, and aids, please apply today.

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